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 About Us

Seven Commandments 

  1. Art is not a decorative item; it is intellectual and spiritual nourishment.

  2. The Art Gallery is a temple of culture.

  3. Art does not have limits or borders.

  4. Art is the passion of life. 

  5. Collectors can be as talented as the artists themselves.

  6. Art is an invitation to life.

  7. The art-loving collector is not a client of our gallery;
    he/she is a colleague, even a partner.

Noah’s Ark Art Gallery was founded in 1996, by Mosses Zirani Herkelian (PhD) an art critic, antique collector, and journalist.  From 1996 - 2000 the gallery had a very active schedule, organizing several exhibitions throughout each year in its premises located in Zalka/Lebanon.  In the year 2000 the gallery was invited to participate to Europ’Art Geneva and turned out successful from the art fair, where the gallery's artist, Vahram Davtian, was at first qualified for the finals and then chosen "Best Artist of the year" during the art fair.


In the beginning of the year 2000 until the present, the gallery has participated in a variety of International art fairs around the world including Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Monaco, Paris, etc.

The gallery specializes restoration, estimation, framing and publication of art books.  Dr Zirani collaborates with the following magazines Monday Morning, Fine Arts Magazine and Luxe Immo, by providing articles about art.


Other than the usual artists represented, the gallery has a collection of various old and contemporary selected works from artists such as Franz Kruger, Theophile Bernet, F. Marinus, who span from the 19th century; as well as by Isachev, Yuri Tsvetaev, Carzou, Paul Guiragossian and others. The gallery focuses on Post Soviet Painting, and has a group of artists from Moscow and Yerevan creating art exclusively for Noah’s Ark art gallery.


In addition, the gallery exhibits the works of several artists from other countries to exhibit the elements we look for in artists, including education, technique, and passion about their subject.  The art collectors deeply appreciate our artists’ works (Vahram Davtian, Suren Vosganian, David Davtian, Vahan Roumelian, Ruben Abovian, Edik Pertian, Yuroz, Mkrtich Mazmanian) and continue to collect their paintings year after year. This is due to the fact that the interest in our artists’ works has increased internationally due to the demand of a larger number of art collectors.


The Noah's Ark Art Gallery administration would like to express its sincere gratitude to its partners and contributors during the early stages of the gallery's foundation: Art Critic Henrik Igityan, Mr. Mher Sahakyan and Mr. Ruben Avagyan. 


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