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Our goal is not only to publish beautiful albums and catalogues. Rather it is to represent art in a beautiful manner and more communicative to the art lover. 


Since it was founded in 1995, Noah's Ark Art Gallery has had its own edition, Noyan Tapan. It has published albums and catalogues such as Post-Soviet Painting and Tree of Life. It also has a series of Featured Artists. A new album dedicated to Vahram will be published soon. 

Title: Gallery Noah's Ark

Date published: 1995

Number of pages: 136


The gallery first published its first collection of art works, prior to its founding.


In collaboration with renowned art critic Henrik Iguitian, this album has brought together some of the finest creations of Modern Armenian Art, also known as Post-Soviet art, that had its roots back from the 1970s. 


As Iguitian declares, "they are young artists. But remember them and their works; they will grow with your children and grandchildren. Art does not grow old [...] A real connoisseur of art does not need a great name, he sees talent in the embryo."

Title: P. Guiragossian 

Date published: 1987

Number of pages: 120



The book starts with realist and impressionist creations, which have, however, during time, evolved and reached to abstract. Guiragossian's style is influenced by Eastern cultures, especially from Byzantium, icons, Armenian manuscripts, and also from Phoenician Culture. The colors are hot, vibrant and contain Eastern Passion within themselves, as well as mysticism. 



Title: Featured Artists No 3: Vahan

Date published: 2010

Number of pages: 47


Vahan Roumelian is well known for his Action Anstractionist style. Unlike other paintings, Roumelian's offers more variety in his works, for he plays not only with color and movement, but also with the shapes and sizes of the canvas. 

Title: Featured Artists No 5: Haroutune Armenian:

Life with Watercolors

Date published: 2014

Number of pages: 44


An episdemologist by profession, Dr. Haroutune Armenian is a true watercolorist, loyal to the Lebanese Watercolor school of the 1930s and 1940s. 


By traveling to various countries related to his profession, Dr. Armenian always carries with him his box of watercolors and brushes, and continues to amaze the art lover with a technique that has been becoming rarer as time goes by.

Title: Tree of Life

Date Published: 1995

Number of pages: 128


Complementary to Gallery Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark Art Gallery published Tree of Life, also in collaboration with Henrik Iguitian, renowned Armenian art critic. 


The purpose of this album is to present the works of Armenian children at the Children's Art Museum of Armenia. Here we can find paintings, drawings, embroidery, ceramics, jewellery and other art works, all of them created by children aged under the year of 16, with most of them being pre-puberty. 


By complementing each other, Gallery Noah's Ark and Tree of Life give equal importance and recognition to talents of all ages. 


In Iguitian's words, "adults seek, children simply find."

Title: Featured Artists No 1: Vahram

Date published: 2008

Number of pages: 40


Vahram Davtian is at the forefront of the Absurd-Surrealist movement, a branch of Post-Soviet Painting. 


He is the holder of many prizes in regards to his creation, the most recent one being in 2012, when during participation in ArtMonaco he was awarded "Prix d'Excellence, Nouvelle Dimension", for having introduced a new style to the art world.



Title: Post-Soviet Painting

Date published: 1996

Number of pages: 32


This album talks about the essence of the gallery itself. It all started with the promotion of Post-Soviet art outside of the Post-Soviet space.


Following the mandatory seventy-year rule of Communist ideology, which was state planned and based on technocratic foundations, a new art movement emerged from the Post-Soviet world. 


Although Post-Soviet painters follow different schools and directions, they are basically allied with each other by a general common denominator that may be called New Aestheticism. 


At the forefront of this movement are the likes of Konstantin Khudiakov, Ruben Abovian, Alexander Maltsev, Vahram Davtian and Andrey Kostin. 


Title: Featured Artists No 2: Suren

Date published: 2010

Number of pages: 40


Suren Vosganian is a Modern Romanticist.


He nourishes particular love and veneration towards the women and variegates them in nudity full of pleasure, who are passionate and sexual but no freakish and vulgar. They are either predestined virgins or worshipped deities.  

Title: Featured Artists No 4: Yuroz

Date published: 2012

Number of pages: 44


Yuroz is a true avant-garde in Modern Art. Having added light and movement to the Cubist style, Yuroz gained international recognition and became an important figure in the art world. 


He is also known in participating in charity events, such as with the United States in spread awareness about refugees and children living in poor conditions.

Title: Rebirth of a Nation

Date published: 2015

Number of pages: 112


In commemoration of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Noah's Ark Art Gallery, with the help of the Lebanese-Armenian Community and the Solidere organized the "Rebirth of a Nation" Exhibition at the Beirut Exhibition Center, from 4 to 31 May, 2015.


Dedicated to the 1.5 million Armenian martyrs, the album "Rebirth of a Nation" was published as a result. It encompasses art works by Armenian artists from the late 19th century to the present. All of the artworks published in the album were displayed during the exhibition. It advocates the fact that it was this talented people whom they planned to exterminate and remove from the face of the Earth.


Among some of the prominent artists represented are Ivan Aivazovsky, Hovsep Pushman, Gevorg Bashinjaghian, Panos Terlemezian, Ervand Kochar, Leon Tutundjian, Martiros Sarian, Minas Avetisyan, Carzou, Jansem, Galentz, Paul Guiragossian, Jean Kazandjian, Rudolf Khachatryan, Varoujan Vartanyan and many more.

Title: Featured Artists Singapore

Date published: 2014

Number of pages: 28



On the occasion of participating to Affordable Art Fair in Singapore in May 2014, Noah's Ark Art Gallery published this album in order to mark its debut in the Southeast Asian art market.


The artists featured in this catalogue come from different backgrounds and present various modern art movements and form a permanent place in the collection of the gallery. 


The artists represented are Ruben Abovian, Ayvaz Avoyan, Daron, David D, Armen Gevorgian, Edouard Kharazian, Edik Pertian, Vahan Roumelian, Toros D, Vahram, Suren Vosganian and Yuroz.

Title: VAHRAM Retrospective

Date published: 2015 (Hardcover)

Number of pages: 160


Being the first of its kind of Publication at Noah's Ark, this album represents the journey of the artist Vahram Davtian. The evolution of his art, starting from the final years of the Soviet Union, to the post-Independence period to today. 

Art as an Invitation to Life: 
Twenty Years and Beyond
Date published: 2016
Number of pages: 48

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, 

Noah's Ark Art Gallery, in cooperation with Solidere, organized an exhibition at the Beirut Souks exhibition hall, where the gallery displayed the works of part of the artists it has exhibited throughout its journey. 


The album "Art as an Invitation to Life", which was also the theme of the 20th anniversary exhibition, remains a permanent monument celebrating this latest milestone. 

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