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1956 Born in Armenia.


1966 Got accepted at the Akop Kodjoyan School of Arts in Yerevan, Armenia.


1978 Graduated from the Yerevan University of Art and Architecture.


1985 Settled in the USA.


1993 Was selected as the official artist for the Grammy Awards.


1995 His art was featured prominently in an episode of "Baywatch" (one of the most watched television programs in the world, that had a global audience of nearly 1 billion).


2000 Was chosen by the United Nations to be the official artist for their 50th anniversary stamp honoring refugees worldwide.


2000 Mural was unveiled in New York at the United Nations along with a commemorative stamp released in over 50 countries.


2009 Commissioned by the Vatican to paint the newly canonized Saint Arcngelo Tadini. His "Light of Compassion" is hung in the Botticino Sera Church in Milano, Italy, along with the artworks of various Renaissance masters.


2011 Was assigned as the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon's official artist for more than 12 years. Yuroz raised more than a million dollars to support patients with Leukemia and Lymphoma.





In 2009, after his exceptional success in Italy, Noah's Ark Art Gallery invited Yuroz to Beirut. There, he studied the history of Middle Eastern Culture, with a focus on Phoenician Art. 


During his stay in Lebanon, he created a set of exclusive paintings in which oriental mysticism and thought were expressed very vividly.


In cooperation with Noah's Ark Art Gallery, Yuroz participated in international art exhibitions.


2009 Studied the history of Middle Eastern cultures, focusing primarily on Phoenician Art, Beirut.



2017 Art: The Nectar of Life, Clemenceau, Beirut.



2016 Twenty Years and Beyond, Jeweler's Souks, Solidere Era, Beirut.



2015-2016-2017 Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center.


2014 Maîtres Distilleurs d'Art, Château de Châtenay, Cognac.


2012 Carousel du Louvre, 10eme Edition du Salon de l'Art Accessible, Paris. 


2011-2013 ArtMonaco, Salon d'Art Contemporain, Grimaldi Forum.


2012 Carousel du Louvre, 10eme Edition du Salon de l'Art Accesible, Paris.


Exhibitions with Noah's Ark

Museum Exhibitions and Collections

2014 ESA SAMPOERNA ART MUSEUM, Surabaya, Indonesia.

2008 Retrospective Show in Coral Springs Museum of Art, USA.


2008 Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno Carlos Merida (Museum of Modern Art) Guatemala City, Guatemala.


2004 Museum of Contemporary Art of Hot Springs, USA.


2004 Coral Springs Museum of Art


2003 Petersen Automative Museum, Los Angeles.


2001 F. Donald Kenney Museum, St Bonaventure, New York.


2014 Red Dot Miami Art Fair, Florida.


2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, Texas.


2013 Stygian Publishing Los Angeles, California, Private Studio Show.


2013 ArtExpo New York, New York.


2013 Los Angeles Fine Art Show, Los Angeles, California.


2012 Los Angeles Fine Art Show, Los Angeles, California.


2011 Nancy Corzine Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.


2010 Cadow Fine Art Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA.


2010 Nancy Corzine Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.


2009 Onessimo Fine Art Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida.


2008 Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, DIFC, Dubai, UAE.


2007 Johnson Art Collection, Los Angeles, California.


2006 Exposures International Fine Art Gallery, Sedona, Arizona. 


2005 General Assembly, United Nations, New York.


2005 Museum of Contemporary Art, Hot Springs, Arizona.


2005 CJ Art Gallery, San Diego, California.


2005 United Nations, General Assembly, Human Rights Mural.


2004 International Stamp Fair (UN human rights mural- collector's edition stamps).


2003 Art de Vignettes at Fashion Show, Las Vegas, Nevada.


2003 Philadelphia International Art Expo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


2001 Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, Arizona.


2001 Johnson Art Collection, On being Human: Expressions of Faith, Hope, Shame & Hope, Los Angeles, California.


2000 Emerald City Fine Art, Seattle, Washington.


2000 Markman Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada.


1999 Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas, Nevada.


1998 Emerald City Fine Art, Seattle, Washington.


1998 Sierra Picture Framers Fine Art Gallery, Visalia, California.


1998 Fingerhut Gallery, Laguna Beach, California.


1996 Art Avenue Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio.


 1996 Degas Pastel Society, New Orleans, Louisiana.


1992 Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hempstead, New York.


1992 Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, Massachussetts.


1990 Danville Art Gallery, Danville, California.


1989 A. Albert Allen Gallery, Palm Springs, California.


1989 Prize of Barbizon Exhibition, Barbizon, France.




2014 Hyatt Hotel Public Art Sculpture, Interior/Exterior, Glendale, California.


2014-2010 Central Coast Wine Classic Auction Catalog Cover, Avila Beach, California.


2011-1997 Rock N' Roll Marathon, Official Artist, San Diego, California.


2009 Official Vatican Commission for Saint ' Arcangelo Tadini, Botticino Sera "The Light of Compassion".


2008-2007 Central Coast Wine Classic Auction Catalog Cover, Avila Beach, California.


2006 Designer Jewelry, Los Angeles, California.


2005 Central Coast Wine Classic Auction Catalog Cover, Avila Beach, California.


2005 Hot Springs Museum of Contemporary Art, promotional brochure image, Hot Springs, Arizona.


2004 United Nations Postal Administration, "Decade of Human Rights Education", mural for worlswide series of collector's edition stamps, First Day Issue.


2004 L'agenda culturel, cover, July, Beirut, Lebanon


2003 Ad Council, Campaign for Freedom, ad promoting liberties


2003 Audi Motorcars, Audi of America/Odyssey Masterpiece, painted car, international tour. 


2003 Art Access, cover, publication of art/dance/literature/music/theater, Seattle, Washington.


2002 Las Vegas Odyssey, A Celebration of Wine, Food & Art, official artist, Las Vegas, Nevada.


2001 Consentino Winery, Taste My Wine, Label for Benevolence wine, Las Vegas, Nevada.


2000 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "Respect for Refugees" Mural, for series of collector's edition stamps, First Day Issue.


1999 CineVegas International Film Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada (poster image).


1995 Comic Relief VII, Fundraising, The Harlequin's Gift (painting, print).


1994 American Cancer Society, Celebration of Life, Image for worldwide holiday greeting card.


1993 National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, poster, etc. artwork, 35th Annual Grammy Awards.


1993 Stygian Publishing, shopping bag design, Los Angeles, California.


1991 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, benefit outreach program for young, (artwork)


1990 Pine Street Inn, fundraising for homeless shelter (artwork).





2014 City Planning Commission, "Public Art" City of Glendale, California.


2009 Official Vatican Commission for Saint 'Arcangelo Tadini, Botticino Sera, "The Light of Compassion", Botticino, Italy


2005 Hot Sptings Museum of Contemporary Art, Hot Springs Arkansas


2004 United Nations Postal Administration, "Decade of Human Rights Education", New York, NY


2000 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "Respect for Refugees", New York, NY


1991 Minorities Students Association, UCLA, Los Angeles, California

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Books and Catalogs

Cover, Protection Internacional de Refugiados en el Sur de Sudamerica


United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Image: united Nations Fiftieth Anniversary Respect for Refugee Mural (2001), 2013


"Yuroz", Featured Artists No 4, Noah's Ark Art Gallery, Beirut


Yuroz Collection, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE


Helander, Bruce. Learning to See- An Artist's View on Contemporary Art from Artschwager to Zakanitch, West Palm beach, Florifda, 2008


Yuroz, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hot Springs, Arizona, 2005


Yuroz- Narrative Culture of Cubism, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Florida, 2004

Television and Media Appearances

2009 KABC News Channel 7 interview on Vatican Commission with Leslie Muller


2008 Television interview in Guatemala


2008 Cuadro Fine Art Gallery opens at the DIFC, Channel 6, Dubai Television, November 5th, 2008


2002 Good Morning America


1995 Baywatch (episode, TV show)

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