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Koko Garabet


1968 Born on the 22nd of November in Anjar, Lebanon.

1988-1990 Studied art at Toros Roslin Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanon.

1993 moved to Venice, Italy.

2000 graduated from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.

Since 1984, he took part in numerous group exhibitions in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Italy, France, Austria, and USA.

1999-2003 visited the United States several times holding solo exhibitions in Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Virginia.

2003-2006 lived mostly in Vienna, Austria, holding solo exhibitions.

2006 moved back to Venice.

2007-2023 lived in Italy and Lebanon, worked on several commissions and held solo exhibitions in both countries.

Awards: Received numerous awards and recognitions during his artistic career. Many newspapers, art magazines, TV programs in the USA , in Europe and in the Middle East , shed light on his art.      

Solo Exhibitions 

2017 Armenian Embassy of Lebanon, under the patronage of H.E. Mr.  Samuel Mkrtchian, ambassador of Armenia in Lebanon, and H.E. Mr. Massimo Marotti, ambassador of Italy in Lebanon.

2014 - 2015 Designed the historic EREBOUNI centenary Armenian Pen, by Montegrappa.

2013 twelve permanent paintings for the altar of St. Mary of the Rosary Armenian Catholic Church, Anjar, Lebanon.

2012 One man show, live performance, Ca` Zenobio, Venice, Italy.

2009 Biennale, Fuori Programma, Ca` Zenobio, Venice, Italy.

2008 Anjar Cultural Center, Anjar, Lebanon.


2006 Donnerskirchen Art Club, Donnerskirchen- Austria, with the patronage of general consul of Armenia Dr. Ashod Alexanian.

 2006 United Nations Vienna International Center, Art Club, Vienna, Austria.

 2006 Raiffeisen Bank, Vienna, Austria.

 2005 Latin American Institute, Europasaal, Vienna- Austria, with the patronage of H. E. Samir Shamma, the ambassador of Republic of Lebanon in Austria.

 2004 United Nations Vienna International Center, Art Club, Vienna- Austria.

2002 Gallery Versailles, Virginia, USA.


2002 Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, Washington D.C. - USA, with the High Patronage of H. E. Ambassador Dr. Arman Kirakossian.

2001 St. Gregory Cultural Center, Los Angeles- USA.

1998 Invited to participate in the historic cultural encounter of the "City of Rome" and "City of Florence" International Academies; BESTOWS TITLE of ”Accademico di Merito" (Academician of Merit for Painting) and the "City of Florence" prize.

1998 WINS SECOND PRIZE at the 8th “Sacred Art” biannual competition of North Italy. Appoliner Museum, St. Marco, Venice, in collaboration with Gallery “La Cella,” Mestre, Italy.


1999: Six permanent paintings, St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church, Detroit-Michigan- USA.

1997  Renato Nardi Cultural Center, Venice- Italy, received Honorary Medal.




2015 Beirut Exhibition Center- “Rebirth of a Nation,” Beirut, Lebanon. Organized by Noah's Ark Art Gallery.

2015 Art Gallery “Lucy Tutunjian,” Hamazkayin, “Towards New Centennial,” Beirut, Lebanon.

2014 Anjar Cultural Center, Anjar, Lebanon.

2011 Anjar Cultural Center, Anjar, Lebanon.

2010 International Art expo, Valance, France.

2009 International Art expo, Lyon, France.

2007 Aztag Daily, 80th anniversary, Beirut, Lebanon.

2005 Noah's Ark Art Gallery, Zalka, Lebanon.

2005 Gallery Academy, Yerevan, Armenia.

2003 Art Expo Hollywood, California, USA.

2003 14th Dante’s International Biannual, Ravenna, Italy.

2000 Villa Miari De Cumani Cultural Center, Padova, Italy.

1998 Loggia Del Temanza, Venice, Italy.

1998 8th Biannual of Sacred Art competition of North Italy, Appoliner Museum, St. Marco, Venice, & Gallery La Cella, Mestre, Italy.

1997 Gallery Barchessa, Milano, Italy.

1997 Gallery Back Art Studio, Venice, Italy.

1997 Gallery Prisma, Verona, Italy.

1997 Italo-German Cultural Association, Albrizzi Palace, Venice, Italy.

1996 7th Biannual of Sacred Art of North Italy, Appoliner  Museum, St. Marco, Venice, & Gallery La Cella, Mestre, Italy.

1996 Gallery Ruga Giuffa, Venice, Italy.

1995 Gallery St. Vidal, Venice, Italy.

1993 Zenobio Palace, Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael, Venice, Italy.

1993 Gallérie Le Foyer De L’artiste, Beirut, Lebanon.

1992 Gallery International Art Center, Zalka, Lebanon.

1992 Anjar International Festival, Ancient Omayyad City, Anjar, Lebanon.

1991 Beirut Cultural Club, Group Six, Beirut, Lebanon.

1991 Armenian Catholic Cultural Center, Group Badahagan, Damascus, Syria.


1991 Armenian Catholic Cultural Center, Group Badahagan, Aleppo, Syria.


1991 Armenian Literary Association, Group Six, Beirut, Lebanon.


1991 Hamazkayin Cultural Association, Group Badahagan, Anjar, Lebanon.


1990 Hamazkayin Cultural Association, Beirut, Lebanon.     

Group Exhibitions

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