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In addition to presenting the art lover with a wide variety of art works, Noah's Ark Art Gallery proudly provides the following services:

Printing publications about art is a specific profession. Our gallery has the "Noyan Tapan" edition which is based on this principle and has more than fifteen years of experience. 
By taking into consideration that art doesn't spare its resources and likes to have the best of everything, our publications are competitive on the international level. We suggest you our services in this domain. You can see our examples here. 


Clients who own art works that have been damaged, either through time or by accident, have the opportunity to repair them at Noah's Ark Art Gallery. 


Our restorator, Grand Master Hamlet Matevosyan, is internationally well-known in that field, and has contributed in restoring old art works in places such as the Louvres and then Hermitage. 



Estimation of Art Works
There are two kinds of estimations. Aesthetical and that of the art market. It is not always that these two factors coincide with one another.
 We have the capability to study these two values and give you the correct answer. 


Framing is not the decoration of a painting. Neither is it complementary to art.


The frame must help to isolate the artwork from its surroundings and make it more visible and attractive. That is why framing is an art in itself.



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