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Affordable Art Fair - Singapore

Noah's Ark Art Gallery arrived for the first time to the shores of South East Asia at the second half of May, by bringing its piece of participation to Affordable Art Fair held at Singapore's F1 Pit Building.

The exhibition was held from 22 to 25 May, 2014.

The gallery presented its finest collection, including but not limited to: Ruben Abovian, Ayvaz Avoyan, David D, Vahram, Suren, Yuroz, V. Roumelian as well as many others.

Singapore 3.JPG

Each one of the mentioned artists is already well-known and has been represented in different continents. Now, for the first time, this collection of Armenian Contemporary Art became available for the Singaporean art lover, and had become a center of attention for the general art loving public.

On the occasion Affordable Art Fair's 100th anniversary, the exhibition created a charity event where 100 works of artists were sold at 100$ each.

The fair welcomed more than 13,000 visitors which shows the degree of success of the show.

Noah's Ark Art Gallery vows to continue its mission and promises to further expand its horizons towards Southeast Asia in order to satisfy the desire of its followers in that region.

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