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Report from Art Stage Singapore 2015

Located at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Art Stage Singapore 2015 was held from 22 to 25 January 2015. Alongside the presence of many prestigious galleries and internationally well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, Andy Warhol, Katsushika Hokusai and Salvador Dali, the Noah's Ark Art Gallery brought its participation for the first time to this art fair by presenting two of its well-known artists, Vahram the Absurd Surrealist and Yuroz the Modern Cubist/Romanticist.

The Singaporean Art Lover's response exceeded the expectations of the gallery. The arts of Vahram and Yuroz were deeply appreciated by the Southeast Asian art scene, for they brought a new approach to art in this part of the world.

Vahram was mainly represented through his latest paintings, where the characters, although interact with one another, do not necessarily trust each other, for they are unsure of the reality they live in.

As for Yuroz, the visitor would discover a retrospective of his evolution throughout the decades of his creativity, represented through his paintings of different media, but also of his scupltures, made by both traditional and also more modern material.

Below we present to you a small segment from our participation:

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