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Rebirth of a Nation - Documentary

Exactly a year ago, on May 4th of 2015, the opening of the "Rebirth of a Nation" exhibition took place at the Beirut Exhibition Center. Organized by the Central Committee of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Lebanon and by "Solidere", in collaboration with Noah's Ark Art Gallery, "Rebirth of a Nation" proudly displayed Armenian art spanning from the end of the nineteenth century to our days. The goal was to represent the talent and creativity of the Armenian people, despite the horrendous acts of genocide that they were subjugated to. The lion's share of the exhibition was categorized in the "rebirth" section, where works of Armenian artists from different parts of the world showcase the determination to survive and prosper, without displaying any act of violence or revenge. Today, in order to celebrate the opening of this exhibition, we proudly present you with a short documentary highlighting you the event, as well as the opinions it resulted.

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